Digitizing Real Estate Investment

Plotify: Digitizing Real Estate Investment

Article by Sam Pollard, Product


The Plotify mobile app is a marketplace created for global sophisticated investors allowing them to acquire, hold and list Plots. We’ve looked at traditional property investment and digitised the process, turning the acquisition from months into minutes.



Each potential client must onboard onto the mobile app and attest to the accreditation per their jurisdiction. Plotify has created onboarding flows specific to the US, UK, India and the rest of the world. The flows consist of completing an instant response KYC (know your customer) check and an AML (anti-money laundering) check. 



Once online, an investor can compare available Plots listed on the marketplace with full transparency of all projected financial details. To acquire a Plot, an investor follows a 4-step process involving checking the financials of the transaction, confirming the ownership in which they wish to acquire the Plot, transfer of funds to the seller and signing of the agreements. With these 4 simple steps, all done on the app itself, an investor can begin to realise the benefits of Plot ownership from day 1.



Wish to sell? An investor need only to determine the Plot price at which to list, sign the required agreement and await another Plotify verified investor to snap up the Plot.


For more information about how Plotify has changed real estate investment, please visit www.plotify.co.uk and Get Started.

For self-certified sophisticated & high net worth investors only. Your capital is at risk and you may not get back your original investment. Investments are via the purchase of shares in an SPV which owns a property asset. There is no direct ownership of the property.

Written by


Sam Pollard

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