Invest in wholly-owned, tenanted,
fully-managed residential real estate
in minutes.

We take a residential property with a cash-generative track record, build in the financing, insurance, property management and tenancy arrangements and wrap it into a company that can be bought and sold online. We call it a Plot.

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Game-changing Plot structure.

Each Plot comprises a single residential property, wholly-owned by a single SPV, for a single investor and has all the management services in-place at purchase.

We are not a fractional ownership platform.

What services are included in Plot?

Property Management

We've partnered with recognized local and national property managers to handle the day-to-day management of the property and its tenants.

Sinking Fund

Each Plot maintains its own sinking fund to provide for likely expenses associated with the Plot. The effect is to smooth returns to the investor.


Naturally each Plot has insurance. Insurance expenses are paid for by the Plot on a monthly basis and are incorporated within the financial details.


Each Plot holds a non-recourse, interest-only mortgage for 60% of the property value. This means you can acquire the interests in the Plot for 40% of the property price plus fees with no personal obligation for the loan.

Asset Management

We manage everything associated to your Plot so you don't have to.

Taxes & Accounting

Plotify manages all property tax obligations and management accounting services that relate to the Plot. It's important to note that Plotify does not provide tax advice or manage personal tax obligations.

How does it work?

Join our growing global community and gain access to a better way to invest in real estate.

Plotify provides:
Investment within minutes
Application-free, competitive financing
Wraparound insurance
Active management
Curated, data-driven property selection
Personalized support
Do-it-yourself investing
investing alone requires:
Long, tedious, multi-month process
Complicated financing requirements
Multiple insurance policies
Time-intensive oversight
Complicated due-diligence
No support team


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