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The real estate investment platform for global investors.

Welcome to Plotify. We’re transforming property investing, making it easy to invest in properties with cash-generating potential from wherever you are in the world

It starts with a Plot. It builds to a portfolio.

Introducing Plots:
Let us do the
hard work for you.

Buying, owning, managing, and selling an investment property is a lot of work. Especially when what you’re really after is to earn the net rental income and the  upside potential of owning property. We hear you. With Plotify we’re pioneering a new way to invest in residential property.

Our Plot structure aims to help you keep the perks of property ownership,  without the hassle.

Investments are via the purchase of shares
in an SPV which owns a property asset.  
There is no direct ownership of the property.

how it works

We think it’s time property investing entered the digital age.

01 Join

Onboard in minutes.

Successfully complete our application process, confirm you understand the key risks, and your account is ready to use.

02 Invest

Find the Plot that matches your needs.

We’ll show you all you need to know - property details, expenses, features, risks and projected returns. When you're ready to invest simply fund your account, select your Plot and confirm your purchase.

03 Build

Build your property investment portfolio.

Grow your portfolio and diversify your investments by adding Plots from any of our global locations.

04 Track

Track the performance of your Plotify portfolio.

Fast and easy access to regular reporting to track your investment income, capital values and portfolio performance.

05 Trade

List your investment for sale.

List your Plot for sale to other Plotify clients on our investment platform.    

Resale depends upon there being a buyer willing to purchase your Plot at the advertised price.  Investments may be illiquid.  Please see the key risks statement.

Game-changing Plot structure.

Every Plot comes with all you need to earn stable income from the day you invest.

We take a residential property with a cash-generative track record,  build in the financing, insurance, property management and tenancy arrangements and wrap it into an SPV that can be bought and sold.  And we call it a Plot.

what is a plot


We’ve Brought The World To You

Global property has extremely low correlation with other asset classes and can offer attractive returns. Previously inaccessible to many, for the first time, Plotify has made it seamless to invest in property around the world. Finally, a truly diversified portfolio is within reach.

We’ve opened the door to a diversified property investment portfolio.

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Capital at risk.  For sophisticated investors only.  No FSCS protection.  Property investments are illiquid.  Only for diversification purposes.  See the key risks statement.

Capital at risk.  For sophisticated investors only.  No FSCS protection.  Property investments are illiquid. Only for diversification purposes.  See the key risks statement.